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Title: Android/Java: HTTP QuickGetStr not notice link as valid if very long
Post by: Casimir on December 10, 2017, 06:59:17 AM
I test valid link before making the http call to get sourcecode of html site:

Code: [Select]
String mylink = ""; //will say false, but exists!! Should be true
String mylink = ""; //will say true

  boolean zi =false;
        CkString hk = new CkString();
        zi = http.QuickGetStr(mylink,hk); //pre-check true/false

If "String mylink" contains a large URL it seems it says false, when indeed URL is valid and
should be true! I am using latest Chilkat Version .70 on Android Studio.

I noticed the Crash of the app happens once
Code: [Select]
myhtml = http.quickGetStr(mylink);is executed. But a normal browser can Display the Content. Why does it Crash?