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Encryption / AES CBC/PKCS7 encryption of empty msg fails
« on: December 19, 2017, 05:51:49 AM »
Following C code:

CkCrypt2 c;
c.put_KeyLength(256);   // key length in bits
c.put_PaddingScheme(0);   // PKCS7 padding

// set key
CkByteData _key;
_key.append2(&key[0], key.size());

// set IV
CkByteData _iv;
std::vector<std::uint8_t> rnd_iv(16);
crypt::random::rand(rnd_iv, 16);
_iv.append2(&rnd_iv[0], 16);

// encrypt data
CkByteData _cipher, _plain;
if (plain.size()) {
  _plain.append2(&plain[0], plain.size());
if (!c.EncryptBytes(_plain, _cipher)) {
  return false;

Problem is, when plain (and _plain) has size zero, returned _cipher has size zero, too.
So it's not possible to encrypt empty messages.
Expected: Padding must pad the first block with 16 x 0x10, XOR it with the IV and return an encrypted 16 byte block.

Is something wrong here?

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