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Compression / Archives / XML structure of LastErrorXml
« on: November 08, 2017, 08:48:31 AM »

Where can I get specification of the XML structure in LastErrorXml?

I need to parse it somehow to get user-friendly representation. For example, I got the following value after calling entry.Extract method:

    <DllDate>Aug 30 2017</DllDate>
    <Architecture>Little Endian; 64-bit</Architecture>
    <Language>.NET 4.5 / x64</Language>
            <error>Unsupported compression method.</error>
        <error>Unzip failed</error>

What I want to get is only the following part: "Unsupported compression method.". To achieve this I need to know XML structure. As I understand structure depends on the operation that is failed. In this particular case XML contains Extract element.

Or maybe there is more simple way to get exact error, other than parsing XML.

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