Author Topic: Are CkJavaKeystore, CkPem and CkPfx thread safe ?  (Read 4157 times)


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Are CkJavaKeystore, CkPem and CkPfx thread safe ?
« on: April 10, 2018, 09:58:26 AM »
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Are the Chilkat C++ libraries safe for multi-threading?

Yes. However, it is best practice that you donít allow multiple threads to call methods on the same object instance at the same time.

I am planning to use a CkJavaKeystore, CkPem or CkPfx as in memory storage for entities (certificates and keys). Based on the quote above, Chilkat C++ library is thread safe, however I couldn't find any mention on thread safety in the documentation pages of the aforementioned types.

1. Are CkJavaKeystore, CkPem and CkPfx implemented in a thread safe manner or do I have to explicitly lock on concurrent reads/writes?
2. If CkJavaKeystore, CkPem and CkPfx are thread safe, why would it be considered best practice not to call methods on them concurrently?