Author Topic: IMAP IDLE and New Message Retrieval  (Read 4685 times)


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IMAP IDLE and New Message Retrieval
« on: December 30, 2017, 08:17:24 PM »
Just recently purchased the library for chilkat.

Trying to implement IMAP IDLE/PUSH on a android application (JAVA) and have some questions hopefully you guys can help me out with.

I read thru this:

Assuming I have a background task, should I run this task in a while loop with Thread.currentThread().join( x ms) to keep the task going at certain interval?

What type of XML response should i expect idleResultXml to get.

The example showes <idle></idle>

would i be expecting something like <exist>4</exist>? so I can terminate idle with done and then run the next method to download the new mail.

Knowing these information would be great so I can make the program more efficient.

Thank you in advance!